Slime Update 1.0.2

Hey!  This is another stability/bugfix update, with even more love for our non-english speaking friends.  This patch isn't available on Macs yet, because the guy who does our Mac builds is currently busy at a game jam; we should have it up after this weekend, sorry for the delay.  Edit 1/30: The Mac version is now live as well!

  • Fixed issue where saving a custom binding with a non-ASCII name would cause the game to crash on startup.
    • If you're still getting this crash, you may need to delete some custom binding files using the following steps:
    • Open the game folder > assets > controllers
    • Delete any files whose names appear to be garbled/random text
    • Restart the game
  • Fixed issue where online and binding names wouldn't be rendered if their character set didn't match your local one (i.e. kana not displaying if your language was set to English).
  • Fixed issue where an incorrectly configured controller binding could trap you on the binding edit screen.
  • Monobattle netplay is less buggy than it was previously, but scores don't appear to be syncing properly; still working on this one.
  • Misc. crash fixes.

Again, read on for more technical details:

  • That first issue was due to our system saving custom bindings in a file with the same name as the binding; Haxe string representations and windows file names were colliding in a way that produced a corrupted filename, and when the game tried to load it on startup it would crash.  Now all custom bindings are saved in a single file called "custombindings.xml", so that can't happen!  This won't invalidate any bindings that were properly working before, don't worry; it only affects the saving process, the loading process is unchanged.
  • The second issue was just a system limitation of ours; basically all text in the game is rendered in a font (usually a bitmap) that corresponds to your native language setting.  We added a way to flag certain text as being in an arbitrary character set, which auto-detects which font should be used to render it based on the Unicode characters it contains.
  • The third issue just returns control to all inputs after a controller is bound instead of locking it to the bound one; this way if you map up *and* down to the same direction by accident, you can still navigate around the menu and fix it using the arrow keys or WASD (or even a different controller if you've got one).


Super Slime Arena (Windows) 76 MB
Version 3 Jan 27, 2018
Super Slime Arena (Linux) 80 MB
Version 3 Jan 27, 2018
Super Slime Arena (Mac) 78 MB
Version 5 Jan 30, 2018

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