Slime Update 1.0.3

Hey Slimefriends!

Sorry this patch took a while, we've been pretty busy behind the scenes planning for a big upcoming event!  That we're not supposed to talk about yet!  Secrets!  Most of the fixes this time are aimed at the two modes that were kinda busted when playing online, Monobattle and Slime Rush, but we also snuck in a couple extra level animations here and there.

  • Monobattle: Scores should now be properly synchronized between sessions, so the same person wins from everyone's perspective.
  • Slime Rush:  Correctly deducts health from remote players, so they advance characters correctly when scoring a kill.
  • General Online:  Added a slight delay at the end of the match to ensure any ties are processed correctly; if a tie happened, but lag caused the final score/KO updates to be processed on different frames, only one player would be credited for winning the match.
  • Animations:  New performers have come to visit the Haunted Slime Theater!  And a new friend is hanging out at the top of the Factory.
  • Misc:  Minor bugfixes, fixed a few places where the game would lock up in menus, added better indication for possible actions on a couple screens.

Thanks for playing, and stay slimy!


Super Slime Arena (Windows) 76 MB
Version 4 Feb 16, 2018
Super Slime Arena (Mac) 78 MB
Version 6 Feb 16, 2018
Super Slime Arena (Linux) 80 MB
Version 4 Feb 16, 2018

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