Slime Update 1.0.4

Heyo!  So, uh, it's been a bit.  Hope y'all have been well.  JellyTeam is still kicking, despite what the lack of game updates may have led you to believe; we've just all been pretty busy with life stuff.  You know how it is.  Busy people with many important things to do.  We're still working hard on our major content updates, which you'll hopefully be hearing more about pretty soon, and in the meantime we've got this hotfix patch for you!

  • Online: Our old hosting provider for server listing decided they were no longer in the business of inexpensive server hosting, so we had to take online down for a little bit while we got the new one set up.  The new server has actually been up and running for a week or so, but it took us a little longer to get this patch out because we also wanted to include....
  • XInput: For those of you gaming on Windows using Xinput controllers who have been stymied by the hard 4-controller limit, fear not!  This patch also completely removes XInput from our controller code, which should mean we can detect additional controllers via DInput.

That's all for now!  We know updates have been scarce, but we're doing our best to switch up our approach this year, so you'll probably be hearing from us again soon enough!  If you're planning on visiting Boston for PAX East in a few weeks, feel free to stop by the [REDACTED] booth to say hello!  Oh, yeah I guess that's not public yet, uh... just keep an eye on our twitter, we'll keep you posted.

Stay Slimy!


Super Slime Arena (Windows) 76 MB
Version 6 Mar 08, 2019
Super Slime Arena (Mac) 78 MB
Version 7 Mar 08, 2019
Super Slime Arena (Linux) 80 MB
Version 6 Mar 08, 2019

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