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Super Slime Arena

Slimy 16-bit style, party-fighting game using any controller in 2-50+ multiplayer matches! · By JellyTeam


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Slime Update 1.0.4
Heyo! So, uh, it's been a bit. Hope y'all have been well. JellyTeam is still kicking, despite what the lack of game updates may have led you to believe; we'v...
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[Server Announcement] Online Temporarily Down
The company we were hosting our online multiplayer matchmaking on is closing so we are moving to a new provider. Online will be down for up to a week or so whil...
1st Anniversary!
Today marks Super Slime Arena's 1st Anniversary! Thanks so much to our fans for the support so far, we think 2019 will be an exciting year for slime! We had ori...
Slime Update 1.0.3
Hey Slimefriends! Sorry this patch took a while, we've been pretty busy behind the scenes planning for a big upcoming event! That we're not supposed to talk ab...
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Slime Update 1.0.2
Hey! This is another stability/bugfix update, with even more love for our non-english speaking friends. This patch isn't available on Macs yet, because the gu...
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Slime Update 1.0.1
Hey all! Just a minor stability update with a few quality-of-life improvements; we're working on squashing as many bugs as we can. Improved support for non-lat...
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