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Super Slime Arena

Slimy 16-bit style, party-fighting game using any controller in 2-50+ multiplayer matches! · By JellyTeam


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Slime Update 1.0.3
Hey Slimefriends! Sorry this patch took a while, we've been pretty busy behind the scenes planning for a big upcoming event! That we're not supposed to talk ab...
3 files
Slime Update 1.0.2
Hey! This is another stability/bugfix update, with even more love for our non-english speaking friends. This patch isn't available on Macs yet, because the gu...
3 files
Slime Update 1.0.1
Hey all! Just a minor stability update with a few quality-of-life improvements; we're working on squashing as many bugs as we can. Improved support for non-lat...
3 files